Banco Fast Food | Logo Story

100% natural Fast Food based in Rome.

AGENCY: SuperHumans

CLIENT: Banco Fast Food

ART DIRECTOR: Serena Paratore, Simone Mari

COPY: Barbara Bigi

DESIGNER: Serena Paratore
MOTION DESIGNER: Serena Paratore

Credits Photo:

Banco is an innovative bio fast food based in Rome. Its food is 100% natural.

Its greatest strengths are: commodities of the territory, carefully selected producers, original recipes cooked by experienced chefs.

You can order burgers, rolls, noodles, salads, desserts and fresh fruit extracts.

Banco, partner to Festival Trastevere Rione del Cinema (Rome) wanted to tell its nature through a logo story.

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Serena Paratore |Motion Designer​ Via Alessandro Minuziano 70/B Roma |  PRTSRN91P44H501B | 13470581003