Mercedes-Benz |

GLA Social Drive Experience

Opening credits of the new Mercedes Benz initiative.

AGENCY: Gruppo Roncaglia

CLIENT: Mercedes - Benz Italia
ART DIRECTOR: Simone Macciocchi
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Arturo Vittorioso
MOTION DESIGNER: Serena Paratore

Mercedes - Benz Italia has launched an interesting initiative to discover to the Italian the new GLA.
It was possible to test the car to 21 people who later issued a short interview.
These 21 events were held in different days and locations in order to know the opinion of the people and with the intent to pass a really important day.

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Serena Paratore |Motion Designer​ Via Alessandro Minuziano 70/B Roma |  PRTSRN91P44H501B | 13470581003